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QuadCatt Dual or Twin or Double Cataraft Tubes

The exceptional catlike maneuverability and freighter cargo load carrying capacity of the QuadCatt cataraft starts with our unique dual tube design and world-class construction.

The top two-thirds of the QuadCatt tube is a 38 ounce space age polyurethane/poly vinyl chloride (PU/PVC) alloy polymer sandwiching a panama twist PE base fabric. Why a PU/PVC alloy coating?  PU has the best resistance to environmental degradation from UV, abrasion, temperature extremes and water borne pollutants, while PVC is the best material for manufacturing process welding.

The QuadCatt is 100% welded, the strongest method of assembly. NO GLUE ALLOWED!  The polyester base fabric has only a fraction of the degree of stretch that nylon has. This makes for a much lighter, stronger and more dimensionally stable design than a structure with a nylon scrim. [Think hypalon/neoprene materials used in WWII].

The bottom third of the QuadCatt pontoon is an ultra strong 66 ounce PVC armor fabric, the most durable and resistant to rocks and other river hazards in the inflatable boat industry.

The QuadCatt seams and rings [20 SS 1.5 inch D rings] are entirely welded, the strongest and most long lasting method of any inflatable boat production process.

QuadCatt Cataraft Tube Facts

Inflated and framed, The QuadCatt is 18 feet long, 90 inches wide, sports 18 inch diameter tubes, has a bow/stern rise of 24 inches, weighs 88 pounds and is quick as a cat. The 4 low profile tubes allow the QuadCatt to only draw about half as much draft as a single tube cataraft and provides a lower center of gravity which greatly increases the dynamic stability of the QuadCatt compared to a single tube cataraft or self bailing raft.  The shallower the draft, the greater the maneuverability, i.e., spin speed and arc distance covered per oar stroke.

These are the characteristics that made the original “Argonaut” design the stand alone choice for the numerous first descents on the premier Class 5+ rivers of the American West. QuadCatt does even better thanks to experiential learning in design and modern day materials.